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Welcome to Mixtube, a free music download and search engine portal where you can search and download over a thousand and one favorite music of your choice absolutely for free. We also provide a variety of song lyrics as well as videos upon your search request depending on your search preferences.


Over here at Mixtube, we are completely all about your mp3 music life. We breech the barrier between fans trying to get access to the songs of their favorite singers as well as lyrics. You can either play them online or just go ahead to completely download them for free.

We connect you to a large database of songs across the globe and provide you with just the perfect working download links. We do not host these songs.

Other Services Includes:

Review of the best products to help you enjoy your music life best. you can find that over here on our Best products for Music page here.
Trends and recent happenings in the music industry (billboards list and the rest which you can find over here on our blog)


Head over to the Mixtube free mp3 download homepage, type in your favorite songs titles, albums or artist, hit the search button and leave the rest for us. We will provide you with a large variety of songs to choose from. Select the best match for you and voila, hit the download button.

for a detailed guide on how to download free music or lyrics from mixtube see our tutorial here on “how to download free music from mixtube”

It is important to note that while we connect you to a large database of music files, we do not in any way host any of thes files on our servers. Most of the music and mp3 songs are hosted on various sources such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Itunes.


If you wish to get in touch with us for my reason whatsoever, please use the form over at our contact us page here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.